Dec 17, 2014

Christmas with an International Flair

Houston’s one and only Indian Christmas celebration was hosted on December 20th at the Stafford Civic Center. As always the auditorium was packed to watch an awe inspiring program by Houston Indian Fellowship.

The Houston Indian Fellowship (HIF), a group of Indians from across the metropolitan Houston area, annually conducts this Christmas Celebration to share the joy and cheer of Christmas with the Indians from different parts of India and religions. This organization in addition to conducting this event also conducts winter cricket championships and painting competitions to bring the community together for a time of fun and in addition also provides free health care to the needy.

The admission for the event was free followed by free dinner catered by the acclaimed Annam Indian Cuisine.

The event was esteemed by the presence of Texas House Representative Rep Rick Miller, the chief guest of the event. His simple speech with the underlying message of the true meaning of Christmas deeply moved the audience.

This year’s celebration included Life Story of Jesus, a themed presentation including skits, songs and Bollywood style dances, portraying the real meaning of Christmas. The event kicked off with a beautiful dance to the tune of the famous number Jingle bells followed by Bollywood style dance by University of Houston students. The audience was even given a short intro into ‘Dancing Bollywood style’.

The children of HIF re-enacted the Nativity scene, a drama with bright and vibrant costumes re-telling the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago in a little town called Bethlehem. The stage was overflowing with vibrant colors as variety of classical Indian dances and songs telling of God’s Love were presented. A beautiful rendition of the miracle 5 pieces of bread and 2 fishes feeding 5000 people was presented as a dance to the tune of the song “’Paanch Roti’.

The audience was clinging to the edges of their seats as HIF performed these programs. The message behind this performance was to show that the real meaning of the Birth of Jesus is in the redemption of mankind on the Cross by the Love of God. Christopher Deepak wrapped up the event with succinct Christmas news that brought the Love of God and the true joy of Christmas to the audience.

Shirley Israel, a member of the Houston Indian fellowship, awarded the winners of the painting competition. Samsung tablets were given for the first prize winners in each category and the second prize winners were given a gift card.

Finally everyone in the audience joined Santa and the HIF team to the dance number ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ in sharing the Christmas joy and Cheer. The boisterous MC Sharon Samuel hosted this year’s event with elegance and grace.

The audience was raving about the event. “Wow! This is the best Desi event I have been to in the Houston area! A well organized and well catered to event. The programs were crisp, clear and professional’

Reuben Joseph the lead coordinators said ‘We come together and pool our talents to come up with an enjoyable event! This gives us a wonderful experience and we have a lot of fun doing it’. Deepak Israel member of HIF proudly stated, “This event brings an opportunity to celebrate the Christmas Season of joy and cheer with fellow Indians who come from different walks of faith and religion.’ He also said to ‘Expect a greater and bigger event next year!’ Dr. Robello Samuel, integral member of HIF, said “Seeing the joy of Christmas on the faces of the audience gives me great satisfaction as that is what the whole idea behind the celebration!”

The sponsors for this event were Red Oaks Hospital, Annam Indian Cuisine, New York Life and other individuals. The University of Houston students along with other families and friends helped behind the scenes – all of which helped make this celebration a memorable one.

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