May 23, 2012

Local Interfaith Eco Networks

Texas Interfaith Power & Light works with local, interfaith networks around the state to articulate a religious response to shared environmental challenges. Networks are emerging in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio - and there’s a well-established network in Austin - Interfaith Environmental Network, the Austin chapter of Texas Interfaith Power & Light. Below is some of the what and why of this work.

May 9, 2012

Being Worthy of Mother's Day

By Saadia Faruqi
This month, our nation will celebrate another Mother’s Day. Women of all faiths and backgrounds will get breakfast in bed, a day of relaxation, visitors and gifts. It is very true that mothers usually receive no thanks for the immense sacrifices they put in for their children and families on a daily basis. So a day to honor and thank them seems the least we can do.