Nov 30, 2012

Interfaith Thanksgiving Services at IID Houston

Source: The Institute of Interfaith Dialog

The Institute of Interfaith Dialog organized an Early Thanksgiving Dinner on November 17, Saturday, 2012. The Institute hosted more than 250 guests from all walks of life including congregation leaders, academics, city officials, neighbors of the Turquoise Center, teachers, students, and members of different faith traditions.

Nov 22, 2012

From Seeds of Love, Acceptance and Respect

By Jean Thomas

An Interfaith Thanksgiving Service was held November 15, 2012 at Plymouth United Church of Christ. The program for the evening was “From Seeds of Love, Acceptance, and Respect To a Harvest of Thanksgiving” with clergy and laypeople of the Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist faiths participating. Readings were given in original languages followed by a short explanation in English.

Nov 8, 2012

Where's the Line Between Church and State?

By Saadia Faruqi
Today is Election Day: a day when millions of Americans of all colors, religions and ethnicities are taking pride in standing in line waiting to cast their vote. For those like myself – who come from countries where voters are intimidated, entire groups are not allowed to vote at all, and multiple generations live under military rule without seeing even one Election Day – today is a great day indeed! Immigrants from all parts of the world who now call America home proudly and seriously consider voting not just a right but an obligation. 

Nov 5, 2012

Gratitude versus Thanksgiving

By Kristen Adams

Turkey dinners being cooked in haste. Weary travelers stuck at airports. Moms crafting plans for  the best Black Friday sales. That's what the American thanksgiving has become. But this thanksgiving, I'm not content to just eat dinner and say polite thank yous. I want more. I want to feel real gratitude.