Jul 23, 2014

Book Excerpt: The Whispers of Water

By Magi Flow
Source: Amazon
The Whispers of Water is a compilation of spoken word derived from the author's point of view. It unfolds truth told by the Spirit, and confirms the revelation of life through biblical reference, praise, poetry, and theology. According to the book description on Amazon, this book serves as evidence to the world that spiritual freedom is created through the lessons learned from carnal captivity, as well as allowing God’s word to reside within our hearts. Although written from a Christian perspective, the lessons may be beneficial for all faiths.

 Some topics from the book The Whispers of Water include the following:
  • It is important to realize that forgiving people for doing wrong toward you frees you from captivity. It allows your mind, heart, and soul to be released from their power. The moment you decide to hold a grudge in retaliation to someone is the exact moment you agree to give him or her control over your emotions. Leave them powerless and let your being fly free. 
  • When you allow the Holy Spirit to consume you, your thoughts and heart become pure. Your habits change. The way you walk and talk are altered and upright. From the utterance of your mouth flow overwhelming waters of righteousness. The water quenches your spirit and builds the strength and assertiveness needed to fight through life’s tribulations.
  • The lover of money worships the things of the world, and whoever feeds off of greed starves their soul. Worldly things possess mind control over the weak and shallow, convincing and drawing illusions that material things will bring permanent satisfaction and replace empty voids of life. The reality is whatever our hands touch will not last! Greed will strip you of the true fulfillment of life. Sit back and realize that the things we really need in order to be truly happy, money cannot buy.
  • Every day you can strive to live on purpose. Live in abundance and make the best out of every circumstance.
  • Crying over spoiled milk never changes the state of the milk, but it does change you. Do not let the things that you cannot change affect you. Nor should you have complaints without having solutions. Be proactive with strong determination, and then your focus will shift to being concerned less about when milk spoils and more focused on owning the cow.
  • Do not waste time in life trying to please other people and worrying about what someone else wants you to be. People will try to mold and control you into being either a mimic of them or pressure you to achieve the dreams they failed at. No matter what people expect you to be, your destiny is designed exclusively for you! Follow your own heart and ambition! Do not become a carbon copy, but rely on your faith to lead the way to your blueprint instead.

This excerpt was provided by author Magi Flow. The views expressed in this post are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of Interfaith Houston.

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